Egypt has always been a popular place for tourists, mainly because it has so many beautiful artifacts from the time of the Pharaohs. This made Egypt more beautiful, and people from all over the world set up tours to see the country’s unique beauty and the interesting religious and cultural sites all over the country.

Egypt is also a great country because of its location and the weather’s pleasant all year, especially along its long coastline. Egypt has a lot of amazing things that make it a great place to visit, especially if you want to see some of the most impressive ancient sites and have a magical vacation.

Egypt’s oldest type of tourism is archaeological or cultural tourism. Egypt is mainly known for its unique ancient civilizations, which can be seen in the beautiful buildings and achievements it has made since the beginning of history.

Egypt has over a third of the world’s most impressive monuments, meaning other countries can’t compete in this type of tourism. There are many different kinds of tourism besides cultural tourism, like religious, sports, desert, ecotourism, medical, marine, festivals, diving centers, and exhibitions. Here are the four main kinds of travel that people do in Egypt