Sarpi has the clearest water on the shores of the Black Sea, where the green mountains meet the blue sea. This small village in Khelvachauri Municipality, bordering Turkey, is outstanding for a cozy vacation with historical background.

First and foremost, the climate of Sarpi is ideal for a memorable vacation. In summer, the sea temperature reaches +25 degrees Celsius and stays like this until late autumn. Even so, the air blowing from the mountain keeps you cool during even the hottest hours of the day. The accommodation options are very close to the beach and it only takes several minutes till you reach the water.

Imbued with the scent of the sea, the air in Sarpi is another merit of the Ajaran wilderness. If you would like to discover it for yourself, go see the waterfall of Andrew the First-Called. There is also a monument to this disciple of Christ who came to Georgia to spread Christianity.

If you are interested in culture and architecture, visit the Sarpi Laz Ethnographic Museum, and see Andrew the First-Called Church, an example of Georgian architecture developed after the Middle Ages, as well as a piece of ultramodern architecture – the customs checkpoint designed by Jurgen Mayer.